Bernie Sanders in Los Angeles, with Nurses Union to fight against big pharma,  Union, Oct 14th, 2016
Bernie Sandersrally n Santa Monica, Ca.
June 7th, 2016

March for Prop 61, Los Angeles, Ca
Oct 14th, 2016

Bernie Sanders, at The Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles 
March 23, 2016

Rosario Dawson endorses Bernie, at the Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles, 
March 23rd, 2016

Bernie Sanders  demonstration in Philadelphia, Pa.,in front of the DNC
July 27th, 2016

Bernie supporter, in Philadelphia, before Hillary Clinton's official nomination, for President, at the DNC, July 27th, 2016
22,000 law enforcement offcers were amassed to keep the peace at the RNC, in Cleveland, Ohio
July 19th, 2016
- color information removed
Cornel West  expected to arrive any minute...crowd control
Cleveland RNC, July 19th. 2016

Cleveland , Ohio, state rangers keeping it real on Public Square
July 18th , 2016
Press Covering riot in Public Square
RNC, Cleveland, Ohio

July 19th, 2016
Westboro Baptist Church 
Philadelphia, DNC
July 26th, 2016

Public Square, Cleveland Ohio
July 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton speaking to working families
City of Industry, Ca
May 21st, 2016
Hillary Loves Her Fans
May 21st, 2016
Los Angeles, Ca.